The Leadership Gap


What do you think is the Leadership Gap today? And how can you close it?

The ratio of female to male managers is still too low.

In my view, the main reason for the uneven management sex ratio is our inability to discern between confidence and competence. That is, because we commonly misinterpret displays of confidence as a sign of competence, we are fooled into believing that men are better leaders that women. In other words, when it comes to leadership, the only advantage that men have over women is the fact that manifestations of hubris often masked as charisma or charm.

The truth of the matter is that pretty much anywhere in the world men tend to think that they are much smarter than women. Yet arrogance and overconfidence are inversely related to leadership talent – the ability to build and maintain high-performing teams, and to inspire followers to set aside their selfish agendas in order to work for the common interest of the group.

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